Beaches are the heart and soul of Port Dickson. This is the primary attraction of what is otherwise a small and sleepy town that gets baked by the sun daily.

The weekdays are actually the best times to go as the beaches are quiet and peaceful, broken only by the sound of waves lapping the shore.

On weekends, there are more people but it is still an enjoyable atmosphere and you’ll be able to find your own cosy spot to relax.

The stretch of beaches starts from Port Dickson town all the way down to Pasir Panjang in the south, which is roughly around 15 km long. Along this long stretch are many popular spots for swimming, sun-bathing and water sports. Most of the hotels and resorts are located from 2nd-8th Miles but a few are scattered further down.

Different beaches offer different kinds of recreational activities; such as water sports such as jet-skiing, canoe riding and parasailing; nature-based activities such as bird watching and jungle-trekking; as well as angling for saltwater fish and crabbing.

The Blue Lagoon is located at the 10th Mile from Port Dickson town, and is one of Port Dickson’s more quiet and peaceful beaches. Sheltered by two capes, a narrow road takes you into this short stretch of beach where a few resorts and guest bungalows provide homely accommodation. The right area of the beach is where most of the visitors go to, while on the left side the beach gradually fades into a swampy area as part of the Cape Rachado forest reserve.

The beach is usually clean and the waters are nice and warm. During the night and at low tide, the shores off the cape on the right side of the beach provide some good hunting ground for crabs. The seas waters melt away at low tide and reveal hundreds of tunnels in the murky sand, which provide some good fun for spearing crabs for the barbeque pit at night.

Teluk Kemang is Port Dickson’s most popular beach located between miles 7-8. The beach has a wealth of facilities, with shower bays, souvenir shops, car parks and food stalls scattered evenly along the sand. The beach is covered with fine orange sand and dotted with plenty of coconut and casuarina trees. This beach also attracts a high volume of visitors on the weekends so it’s often a party atmosphere!

Teluk Kemang is also the place to go if you’re looking for water sports. You can rent jet skis, speed boats and canoes from operators along the beach. A new attraction is the ‘banana boat’, where a speedboat tows a large and long banana-shaped float that has a group of people perched on it. It provides for some real splashing fun especially when people fall off it!
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Tanjung Tuan is also known as Cape Rachado, named after a naval battle between Portuguese and Dutch forces during colonial times. A light house sits on top of a hill on the cape, and is still functional today. The whole cape is actually a forest reserve, with a mix of coastal jungle and mangrove swamps. Nature is at its richest here, and an amazing array of migratory birds can be spotted flying in the air.

Besides watching eagles and kites soar in the sky, there are jungle trails for visitors to follow, enabling them to see the flora and fauna of a coastal forest. The trails also lead to a beautiful unspoilt beach. It is because you need to walk through the jungle to get to the beach that not many come here. However, the sight that greets you at the end of the trail is simply amazing.

The waters are almost crystal clear and an array of rocks landscapes the area. Many trees provide shade and the waves gently lap the shore. Over here, you can swim in complete tranquillity and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by pristine natural sights. Between September and March, bird-watchers will have a field day observing migratory birds make their way to and from Sumatra.


The Bagan Pinang beach is located between 2nd – 3rd miles, making it near the town area. Most of the resorts and hotels are also located in this area. Bagan Pinang is a large and wide expanse of sand that stretches for a few kilometers, and many couples and families enjoy strolling in this area.

This beach is not so crowded and easy to get parking lot. Public Toilet is also available near Mayangsari Resort for the visitors conveniences.

The 4th Mile (Batu 4) beach is a popular and convenient location for most visitors. It is situated in front of Batu 4 Pasar Malam site, making it the most crowded area during every Saturday afternoon (especially during School Holiday). It is not easy to get a parking lot in this area, however the state government has build new parking lot along the beach recently to reduce the jammed condition.

Somewhere towards the end of Batu 4 is a small mangrove swamp, where an area of rocks is revealed during low tide. Many people come here to look for mussels and crabs and you can walk across the rocks and marvel the scenery. This is also a popular spot for fishing and camping. During the mornings and evenings, you can see fishermen casting their lines from rods or nets into the waters.